Mobile Geo-Fencing


What is Mobile Geo-Fencing?

Mobile geo-fencing is the ability to draw an invisible fence around a particular area and deliver online ads to consumers who are located within its boundaries. This is a great way to target specific locations to deliver your ads to consumers that are congregating or passing through a specific area. Works on geo-location enabled devices.


How Is It Used?

Local business owners have used Geo-Fencing successfully in order to reach people that are traveling through certain high traffic areas. For example, a real estate agent can place "fences" around all of his neighborhoods that have houses for sale and deliver his ad to those who enter the "fence" while they are on their mobile device.

Why Geo-Fence?

  • Communicate to local shoppers
  • Deals can be hyper-local
  • Reach your competitor's audience
  • Targets everyone with a mobile device

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