Targeted Banner Ads


Types of Banner Ads


Your ads only show up in the specified area. You pick the city and we will do the rest.


Your banner ads will show up on articles, blogs, and pretty much anything related to your services or products.

Search Retargeting

Your ads will be viewed when a user searches for defined keywords related to your business or services.

Site Retargeting

Any user that views your site will have your ad "follow" them for a period of time.

Facebook Targeting

We target users with certain demographics in order to make your ad visible on the right rail of Facebook.

Hyper Local Targeting

Want to advertise multiple campaigns at once? This capability allows many kinds of ads to be viewed based on users demographics.

Why Banner Ads Work

If you have every thought about promoting your business with a billboard, stop and think about it. What are they doing for you? Do people actually stop their car and jot down your name, address, and phone number? Or would they more than likely wait til they get home and Google your business? And if your not on the list, you miss out. Banner ads are a direct gateway to your website, which allows users to learn all about your business and make contact with you.

Banner ads are:

  • Cheaper
  • Measurable
  • Used to target specific areas, populations, or topics
  • Viewed on every mobile device
  • Proven to drive traffic to your website

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