Video Pre-Roll


Why Use Video?

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools that you can possibly use in the digital age. If you are implementing video in your current advertising budget, then you might just be missing out.

  • Video is more powerful than radio and billboards
  • Video is search friendly
  • Video is mobile
  • Video separates you from competition

Where Will My Commercial Be Visible?

Video pre-roll is used on sites that typically have video implemented on their site. The website owner usually subscribes to an ad network and "rents" pre-roll space before it plays a video. and are good examples of this. Your commercial can be targeted to specific locations and certain demographics so you can be sure that you don't advertise to someone not in your area.

  • Cheaper than traditional T.V.
  • More effective and measurable than T.V.
  • Is seen on national websites and apps
  • Is view able on any device connected to the internet

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